Dos And Don’ts: Tips To Follow Diet For Healthy Lifestyle

If you have put on extra weight in last couple of months, if you find difficulty to get a fitted dress from your wardrobe to attend any party, then you are required to give a second thought. Many a times, women keep busy in household chores and forget to maintain their health. They are likely to skip the breakfast or don’t have in time. If you are one of them, then do not waste your time; reschedule your daily routine that includes work out. In carrying out the work-out programme, ensure that you are maintaining a balanced diet. To get the desired results, here is a list to get to know how togo on a healthy diet:

  • Avoid fast food and junk food. It gives only temporary hunger satisfaction.

  • Oily and deep fried food stuff also adversely affect on your body.

  • Make sure you are having your meals in regular intervals.

  • If you have the habit of taking tea after you wake up in morning, take sip of green tea. This will help you to refresh as well as will let you in shape.

  • At least have a fruit per day. Replace the drink that readily available at shops with fresh fruit juice one. It is because those contain unwanted sugars either in preservatives or in other forms.

  • Drink plenty of water each day. This help to flush out the unwanted soluble fats. Instead of soft drinks, prefer for plain water.

  • Buy green and leafy vegetables more. Particularly the married women who are on plan of conceiving baby, this is a pre requisite amongst all.

  • Try to include salad in every meal you consume.

  • Avoid fasting as much as possible. Many women have a myth that keeping fasting will make them thin and slim. But the fact is that it gradually develops a number of diseases in later period.

  • Make sure that your meal is fiber rich, have good amount of protein and low calorie. Check the cholesterol amount before you buy the cooking oil too.


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